Rachel Moorehead is an Executive IT Director at a premier medical research university. She has experience in Enterprise Email Administration, Learning Management Systems, Academic ERPs, and Data Center Technologies. She also has extensive experience working in a Customer Support environment and with Cloud providers.

She is currently the Executive Director of Infrastructure & Operations for the University of Alabama at Birmingham under the Office of Information Technology. Rachel provides leadership and strategic direction to five infrastructure teams, totaling just over 40 people. She directs and is accountable for all aspects of virtualization, infrastructure and collaborative cloud services, Windows and Linux administration, data center management, and our database-provided enterprise application systems. Additionally, she co-chairs a technology architecture committee as well as provides coaching and mentorship to all IT staff in order to foster a culture of heightened security, stewardship, gratitude, and customer service. Lastly, Rachel is leveraging both a responsibility center management budget structure and a cost-recovery, rate-based structure to fund these efforts.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master’s in Internet Technology from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.

Her goal in life is to continuously be learning and never stop.